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Our Passion: Animal Health

Having more than 14 years of experience, a multifaceted team which is always close to our client, partnerships with leading companies in the market, and attention always focused on the customer, Sanifauna’s first priority is Animal Health. This means we always pay close attention to the market, have the most innovative solutions and technology, and, above all, respond to our customers’ needs efficiently.


Sanifauna works in three main areas: Pet, Nutrição and OnFarm. In all these fields we work with partners who are world leaders and the most competitive in action, thus providing our customers with the best solutions available.


Furthermore we invest in a personal and quick service.We respond promptly and effectively to all requests that come to us and we have a fast and efficient delivery service.


We always try to go where the customer wants

“Always close to your needs”

Meeting al lthe needs of our customers in our line of business. Being constantly aware of the latest innovations and technologies on the market. Having a quick and efficient service.Building Relationships in the long run with all stakeholders.


In short, always having a”yes” to the needs of those whorelyon us.


Proximity to the customer

Innovation – Always being a step ahead of what is available on the Portuguese market.Regarding technology as one of Sanifauna’s growth foundations.


Customer’s satisfaction – Responding assertively to the client with a fully transparent approach and a close relationship.


Efficient service – seeking efficiency at every stage of the process, either in the relationship with the customers, employees or suppliers.


Integrity – Honesty and simplicity are always kept in mind.


Responsibility – to ensure a responsible attitude at all times, both for the end customer and for all the people we deal with every day.


Together we are a team capable of responding to all the challenges .

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