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Our industry dedicated to pets and to our customers who take care of them closely: the veterinaries.


We work with all the laboratories operating in the domestic market and have a wide rangeof our represented equipment, of which we highlight veterinary equipment, nutraceuticals, petfood, supplies, surveillance systems, and clinical management software.


VetPlus is one of the strongest players in the field of Nutraceuticals and is on track to meet the original goal of its founder: to be a global leader in veterinary nutraceuticals.

They have excellence products for dogs, cats, horses and farm animals.


A brand with various ranges, from simple to gourmet, designed for a better feeding of dogs and cats. It is for their great quality/price relationship that we find Del+ the ideal partner.


The ISO draft is a specialised medical furniture brand, designed for veterinary medicine.The brand is characterized by the building materials and systems used-modular construction systems allow end less upgrade of the equipment produced and their technical plastics provide excellent thermal characteristics.

All Iso draft products are functional,versatile and economic.


With 3M, the veterinaries have at their disposal the highest standard of care for the animals, with products and solutions that cover a broad spectrum of the animals’health needs.


Konica Minolta, a world reference in several areas, also develops solutions and equipment for the PET area, being one of the main partners of Sanifauna.


Solutions for PET area, where technology and innovation combine to create the best alternatives for professionals in the area.

PRO-VET logo

For vet area professionals, with a wide range of solutions for the PET area, always with maximum concern for animal health.